A rabid dog has bitten 14 people in the Istra district of Moscow region, in the shopping area of the village Kursakovo.

"Only from 18 to 21 January 2010 in the Istra district the hospital to get rabies assistance requested 14 people. Patients were provided medical aid in full volume", – quotes RIA Novosti message of the CPS.

The veterinary service already put to sleep sick dog, about the statement of the rural village quarantined.

"Organized HOMESTEAD detours in order to identify victims, conducts explanatory work among the population, prepared memo", – stated in the message of Rospotrebnadzor.

It is worth noting the fact that similar incidents were observed in recent years not only in Moscow but also in the capital. In addition, the number of people bitten by dogs, not suffering from rabies also remains high - you can verify this by visiting any emergency room. Perhaps the reason for this is never resolved the issue of regulation of number of vagrant animals in the settlements, and inefficiencies take in the present measures of sterilization of stray dogs.