NewsDue to contact with cow parsnip Sosnowski died Muscovite.

Due to contact with cow parsnip Sosnowski died Muscovite.

As reports the Internet-the edition "Moscow member of the Komsomol" in Moscow due to contact with cow parsnip Sosnowski died 92-year-old resident of Zelenograd. As the victim told the doctors, with a dangerous weed he had contact in the country. The result was a picture-chemical burns of the hands and feet, which on 19 July, the Muscovite was admitted to the hospital. Konchalovsky. Unfortunately, the burns were fatal.

The Sosnowski's Hogweed is a dangerous invasive species that is actively spreading on the territory of the Middle Russia. Currently in the Moscow region and other regions have adopted programs to combat dangerous plant, but it is still actively spreading. To effectively combat Hogweed is necessary to conduct herbicide treatment during the active growing season, i.e. in may - first half of June. In the further efficiency of reduced herbicide and for weed destruction requires expensive work by mechanized mowing of contaminated sites.

We remind you that when in contact with Hogweed and contact of the juice on the skin, in the presence of sunlight photochemical formation of heavy burns.