NewsThe fight against mosquitoes will head bats

The fight against mosquitoes will head bats

The authorities of Milan have decided to fight with mosquitoes with bats. For this, the city government will set in urban parks and gardens of special wooden boxes for bats fighters bloodsuckers.

I must say, many foreign experts positively assessed the prospects of this method. This opinion is shared by the participants of the scientific conference "Bats", held in Wroclaw, Poland. All bats consume insects, and in very large quantities. So, for example, the representative of the smallest species, the so-called dwarf mouse, a night on average consume up to 2500 mosquitoes. For this indicator, with a bat like no one species of birds.

However, specialists from Milan it is possible to advise not to forget about traditional larviciding treatments, in which the number of adult mosquitoes also sharply reduced.