DeratizationDestruction of mice

Destruction of mice

"Agrokon" at the conclusion of the contract on deratization (destruction of rodents) carries out all complex deratization measures at the facility, including:

  • monitoring of numbers of rodents (including mice) at the facility;
  • studies of the migration routes of rodents;
  • catching rats for studies on the identification of particularly dangerous infections;
  • destructive actions;
  • recommendations for improving the sanitary-epidemiological state of the object.

All expenditure on the acquisition, clearance, registration and renewal, "Sanitary passport of the object", included in the price of the contract on carrying out contract works.

The high efficiency of deratization works (90-100%) achieved Center "Agrokon" largely depends on the quality of the applied drugs, adherence to a strict maintenance schedule and high professionalism of our staff.

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