LibraryWhy is it so important to get rid of rats?

Why is it so important to get rid of rats?

Rats are very cunning, clever and yet dangerous animals. They live on garbage dumps or in the basements of buildings, in sewers, attics and even manufacturing facilities. They stay as close as possible to people, because the irresponsible attitude of man to maintenance of premises and buildings is a factor of survival. Rats are carriers of such dangerous diseases as plague, tetanus, rabies, typhoid, hepatitis. A striking example is the pandemic of plague in the Middle ages in Europe. These animals become the source and a carrier of the deadly disease.

It should be noted that the destruction of rats is complicated by the fact that these small-sized animals gather in huge flocks that are difficult to overcome. They behave very aggressively towards the man, destroy all food, as well as birds and even animals of small size. In some cases, the actions of the rats provoke a short circuit of wires, the failure of household appliances and industrial equipment, as insulation, for unknown reasons, very attractive for them.

Proper extermination of rats involves:

  • a comprehensive survey of the object;
  • clarifying the reasons for the spread of the animals;
  • plan deratization measures;
  • directly rodent control in a variety of ways with a thorough analysis of the results.


The destruction of rats should be carried out not only in a residential or industrial building, but on the adjacent territory. Particularly serious to treat such operations in older homes. Because the walls are many holes, cracks through which rodents go into hard to reach places, where to draw them out is almost impossible.

There are many ways to kill rats. But it is very important to not only exterminate the rodents, but also has to eliminate the conditions conducive to their spread. It primarily measures the sanitary and technical character, such as sealing areas of technical input, communications, sealing musorokamer it is timely repair of pavement of the buildings and sealing all kinds of holes to facilitate the penetration of rodents into the structure. You need to deny rodents access to food is primarily junk cameras and container sites for the collection of solid waste. Waste shall be stored only in tightly closed metal tanks or containers.