Destruction of mites

April warming — the beginning of the season the revitalization of ticks — vectors of dangerous infections. The peak of activity in may — early June, then activity gradually decreases. For a wood tick, is endemic in Central Russia is characterized by another rise in activity attributable to the August-beginning of September.

Center "Agrokon" carries out the destruction of ticks by order of organizations and individuals in parks, resorts, camps and other places.

How dangerous ticks?

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that are capable through bites can transmit infectious diseases, among which the most dangerous are:

Disease Clinical manifestations Features of the course Possible complications
Spring-summer tick-borne encephalitis Severe headaches, neurological disorders Severe lesions of the Central nervous system High mortality and disability
Typhus (R. саnаda) Intoxication, pain of various localization, rash, impaired consciousness Perhaps the defeat of the nervous system and the development of psychosis Thrombophlebitis, endarteritis, polyradiculoneuritis, glomerulonephritis
Lyme Disease Weakness, muscle pain, skin rashes Joint damage Residual neurological and articular manifestations

The fight against mites is a necessary measure for the prevention of the listed infectious diseases. The task of unichtojeniya difficult, and it is better to trust a professional company with the necessary experience and equipment.

The relevance of the destruction of ticks

In recent years, in connection with the increase in average air temperature, an increase in the number of carriers of tick-borne rickettsiosis disease, borreliosis, tick-borne viral encephalitis. The destruction of the mites, which are natural reservoirs of infections — the most effective preventive measure to prevent infection.

The company "Agrokon" professionally conducting work on the control of ticks, is able to protect the health of many people from severe diseases.

Employees of the company "Agrokon" carry out the destruction of the mites with the use of efficient motor sprayers and thermomechanical generators of fog. The use of such equipment provides high-quality machining of all surfaces and long residual action. A qualified choice acaricidal agents used OOO NCPI "AGROKON" ensures not only high efficiency acaricide treatment and long-term protective action, but also the safety for people domashnih animals and plants.

To prevent infection it is often enough for one treatment area for the extermination of ticks for the whole season, but a more reliable option may be to consider a two-fold treatment in April and late July.

Prices for acaricidal treatment country and personal plots:

Square footage, acres Price, RUB/1 sq. m*
To 10 850
From 11 to 20 700
From 21 to 30 650
Over 31 550

* The cost of the acaricide treatment is calculated based on the price of processing and the remoteness of the site from MKAD. For sites located up to 20 kilometers from MKAD on the mark distance does not apply. For sites located more than 20 kilometers from Moscow ring road margin is 35 rubles per kilometer from MKAD.

Modern methods of dealing with ticks

When preparations for the destruction of ticks should be taken into account the following factors:

  • square footage processing;
  • meteorological conditions (temperature and humidity of the environment);
  • geographical conditions;
  • the attendance of the object by humans and animals.

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