Warehouse is an essential part of the business, there is stored the goods for subsequent sale. It depends on the reputation of the company, the contents of the warehouse — part of responsibility to the client and depends on your income. That is why the sanitation of depots is mandatory.

What risks may arise as to food and clothing warehouses?

  • the appearance of mold deterioration and appearance of products;
  • insects, that spoil the product — the risk of loss of the goods;
  • rodents — the elimination of food, destruction of property warehouse.

All of these troubles and economic losses can be avoided to comply with the requirements of public health services. At the opening of the warehouse it is recommended to conclude a contract for regular preventive maintenance in the field of disinfection, deratization and disinfestation.

Think about whether to wait for the spread of the mould or the invasion of cockroaches in your warehouse?

Disinsection, disinfection and deratization warehouse

Disinsection is a complex of measures for the extermination of insects and creation of unfavorable conditions for their appearance after treatment.

Disinfection methods of eliminating pathogenic bacteria transmitted by airborne droplets, this helps to prevent contamination of products microflora threat.

Deratization is a complex of measures to combat rodents, their extermination at the warehouse and adjacent areas, control of their population and to take preventive measures and prevent re-appearance of pests.

Secure your business with "Agrokon"

The company "Agrokon" deals in all types of sanitary processing of warehouse space, providing security and protection from the occurrence of pathogenic microbes and fungi, insects and rodents.

Cooperation begins with a visit to the warehouse, assessing the situation and the scheme works. Further health doctors select the best treatment techniques. All products used by the company "Agrokon" absolutely safe for humans and certified in Russia.

The company "Agrokon" offers both one-time visits for emergency elimination of pests, and regular comprehensive maintenance of your warehouse. After processing the warehouse, you receive an official document is confirmation that you will show in case verification of the CPS.

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