Bird scaring

The urgency of the problem of scaring birds away.

OOO NCPI "Agrokon" offers services for the control of bird populations, in other words — pest-control birds. This service is in demand in various spheres of human activity — aviation, food industry, trade.

Here are just a few examples of harmful activity of birds, forcing us one way or another to control their numbers:

  • birds cause damage to architectural elements and monuments, contaminating them with droppings. Reactive birds ' droppings can damage the paint finish of the car, to cause damage to engineering structures.
  • birds can carry dangerous infectious diseases and helminthiasis, are often the cause of infection of the premises with fleas and ticks.
  • birds consume and contaminate food stocks in warehouses, elevators and granaries, and spoil the goods in supermarkets
  • collision of aircraft with birds often the cause of accidents, and in some cases lead to catastrophes

Ornithological Department, LLC NCPI "AGROKON" one of the first in the former Soviet Union began the development of methods of protection of objects from birds, based on a wealth of domestic experience and foreign advanced developments. At the moment, our specialists offer comprehensive solutions that allow to solve the problem with the birds in industrial enterprises and major commercial sites, urban and industrial infrastructure, recreational areas and airports.

The principles of protection of objects from birds

In contrast to the suppression of other pest birds pest control does not use destructive measures, the main direction in the protection against birds is to scare away birds from protected sites. And there are a number of methods to keep birds away from the target. In some cases it is necessary to protect themselves from possible injuries and deaths as a result of interactions with the various engineering structures (lines and supports of power lines, large surfaces of glass, fishing nets, etc.). There are various devices for the protection of birds to prevent the negative consequences of the collision of our and bird interests.

Scaring of birds based on knowledge of the biology and behavior of these animals and create an uncomfortable or unacceptable to the birds environment in the places of their unwanted stay. This is achieved by various technical methods. In some cases when it is necessary to completely eliminate the stay of the birds in any location, the only way of achieving the goal of preventing bird on the object. It's time consuming, but necessary path to achieve the goal. The fact that the modalities and range of sensory perception in birds is very similar to our (in this sense we are more like birds than our relatives — mammals) and everything that prevents the birds prevents us. Therefore, if you want to fully protect the object from penetration of the birds, the only way — to give them the opportunity to get there. This is achieved as the implementation of certain rules of use of the object, and the careful blocking of the possible sites of penetration of the birds and — importantly, the design of the object taking into account the prospects of pest control birds. So, all loading and unloading terminals must be equipped with special locks that prevent the possibility of vagrant birds in the building during loading and unloading operations. Ready-made company is not always possible to build a gateway, and without it completely eliminate the possibility of the penetration of birds into the premises impossible.

Birds have a developed intellect is to fool them difficult, especially if the deception we are trying to block bird access is particularly important for resources. So all sorts of devices, based on deception: acoustic scarers, thunder gun, various effigies, and imitation predators, or even the use of real predators on a certain time, are addictive and quickly lose their effectiveness. Therefore, the preference in creating an uncomfortable environment for the birds should be given "honest" methods: a variety of band-the object meshes, protivopolojnym (urchins, strings), laser installations, etc.

It should be noted another very important fact, often overlooked sanitary services businesses. This is the importance of preventive measures. With birds easy to fight at low levels ornithological load — when birds have no particularly strong motivation is on the object. The achievement of this condition is the main task of local health services. This requires first of all to follow General sanitary condition of the object is to prevent open storage and nutrients, food waste, etc. the Second point can be the design of some elements of engineering structures such as roofs. If the rods set at a 45 degree angle, not 90 degrees relative to the walls (as is usual), this will significantly reduce the attractiveness of these places for nesting swallows (which is a big problem in many companies). But that's a separate issue which should be considered at the design stage of the enterprise.

Typical tasks of facilities for protection from birds

We are not only ready to spend all complex of actions for protection of objects from birds, but also provide consulting assistance to anyone who contact us with their problems related to monitoring of avifauna. In addition, You can study the materials for the control of bird populations, available for download in our Library. Also can see examples of typical tasks in the field of verification of the number of birds studied, the following sections of our site:

Services to control the number of birds

OOO NCPI "AGROKON" provides for the capture and removal of birds on objects of different categories.

We also offer:

  • ornithological survey of the enterprise and the development of a programme of ornithological protection of the enterprise, with recommendations for sanitary and technical activities aimed at reduction of the number of birds
  • complex of engineering-technical measures that reduce the attractiveness of the protected object for the birds. This includes installation of various protivorechivyh funds, bio-acoustic and visual scarers
  • regular monitoring of the ornithological situation at the enterprise. Routine maintenance, repair, changeover of operation modes previously set protection from birds.
  • regular activities to deter birds using a hand-held equipment (lasers, etc.) to consolidate the effect of the negative perception of the place

In the section "Our products" You can purchase a variety of products to scare away birds, among which a special place occupies the patented design of our company, protivopolojnoe device "Hedgehog-standard".

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