Preventive disinfection of enterprises is a complex process that requires the intervention of specialists, to neglect which is not recommended and even dangerous. This is due to the fact that in addition to visible to the human eye of objects animate and inanimate nature, we are surrounded by a variety of microorganisms that are inaccessible to perception. However, these "invisible" have a serious impact on our lives, and therefore require serious consideration from specialists. Any person can forget about the existence of the various microorganisms that surround us in everyday life, at work, in public places. They are in the air, water, food, surfaces, objects, skin and mucous membranes of humans and animals.

Microorganisms are our constant companions. Many of them have long been faithful helpers in everyday life, medicine, cooking... But there are those who are our worst enemies – is a pathogens, including the causative agents of dangerous infections caused by protozoa, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The results of their "activities" - outbreaks of viral respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal infections, threat of hospital infections are a distressing reality of the present day.

Disinfection methods

To defend against pathogens, you should contact the professionals who will carry out a complex of measures aimed at the destruction of pathogens, their toxins, and the elimination of the conditions of their emergence and transmission. It is particularly important regular preventive disinfection. There are various methods of disinfection, among which are:

  • Physical method;
  • Chemical method;
  • A biological method.

Physical method of disinfection is to use various physical factors, is detrimental to microbes. The most popular method for physical disinfection using ultraviolet radiation. Chemical method is the most common and makes use of solutions, vapors or gases that destroy the infection. Biological method of disinfection of premises circulated a little, but very promising. This method emerged at the crossroads of high-tech industries such as genetic engineering and Microbiology.

Correctly chosen method, the optimal and safe mode of disinfection work, as well as a disinfectant can prevent the unpleasant, and often tragic cases of infectious diseases. In NCPI "Agrokon" problems of disinfection of premises decide qualified epidemiologists with extensive experience in the most difficult situations, such as combating particularly dangerous infectious diseases in situations of armed conflict. Material-technical base NCPI "Agrokon" allows the processing of any objects: from small cafes to large-scale disinfection of the food industry.

For objects located in Moscow, doctors desinfectology our company will calculate the demand in the disinfection tools that will guide the development of an optimal enterprise-specific schema disinfection work and produce a design "the Books of account of receipt, consumption of disinfectants and carrying out disinfection treatments as a preventive measure in the object". All used disinfecting agents have a complete set of necessary sanitary permits, safe when used in accordance with accompanying instructions. NCPI "Agrokon" provides the following services:

  • Preventive disinfection of enterprises and other objects of different categories;
  • The calculation of the need in the disinfection means and making "the Books of account of receipt, consumption of disinfectants and carrying out disinfection treatments as a preventive measure in the object";
  • Focal disinfection of premises;
  • Disinfection measures after a long stay in the room of the corpse.

The cost of services for disinfection:for individuals:

Disinfection (preventive and final focal foci of viral and other infectious diseases)
The volume The cost of providing services (RUB, including VAT 18%)
1 bedroom apartment From 4200
2 bedroom 4500
3-room apartment From 4800
4-room apartment From 5200

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