Deodorization of premises

The presence of odor indicates the presence in the inhaled air of various compounds. These may be gaseous compounds, odorous substances may be adsorbed on dust particles or dissolved in the smallest particles of water.

As a rule, unpleasant odor indicates the presence of harmful compounds. The rotten smell indicates the presence in the air of hydrogen sulfide and diamines. The smell of burning left after a fire, indicates the presence of a "bouquet" of toxins, the most dangerous of which are dioxins. The smell of new furniture may indicate the presence of vapors of solvents, formaldehyde and many other compounds.

Often we are faced with attempts to remove the source of odor, and to mask the smell with various aromatic substances. This is wrong, because it leads to more air pollution instead of cleaning it.

OOO NCPI "Agrokon" offers professional deodorisation, which, depending on the complexity of the contamination can be done in one or several stages.

The first stage is a thorough mechanical cleaning and cleaning, which is most often carried out by cleaning companies or construction organizations.

The second stage involves disinfection of premises. Depending on the type of contamination may use different disinfectant formulations — how based on enzyme and traditional disinfectants, chlorine, Quaternary ammonium bases, aldehydes and peroxides.

Finally, the final step is removing the remnants of the odor. Drugs used for this purpose, having the properties of sorbents, such as drug based on fullerenes "Ecowap".

In some cases, when you want to reduce the time and number of steps deodorization to eliminate odors can be used a modern combination of drugs, combining all three stages in one treatment. Naturally, such drugs are also selected based on the nature of the contamination causing the odor.

Important not only the composition of the drugs used to eliminate odors. It is very important to treat every single surface in the room. Conventional methods of irrigation the surfaces of the solutions in the case of deodorization ineffective. Need to use expensive equipment — generators, cold fog.

For conducting the deodorization is the best equipment : ULV-fog generators Igeba Unipro-5, Igeba Unipro-15. These devices allow to obtain highly dispersed insecticidal fog, with a particle size of about 5 microns. It has high penetrating power, comparable to penetration of gases and allows them to handle any difficult surface.

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