Disinfection, deratization and disinsection in Moscow. Complex service for deratization from the company Agrocon.

A wide range of professional disinfection services from 1994 years!

LLC NPIC "Agrocon" provides services for disinfection for more than 20 years at a traditionally high level. Our company is one of the most competent and experienced organizations providing services for disinfection, deratization, pest management at public catering establishments and food industry, in commercial, business and industrial complexes. A separate, intensively developing direction of our activity is the protection of objects from birds and the control of their numbers. LLC NPIC "Agrokon" is a full member of the "National Disinfectionist Organization".


LLC NPIC "Agrocon" offers a wide range of services for preventive disinfection, to which includes disinfection of premises; vehicles carrying food; cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systemsand air-conditioning, Cleaning and disinfection of trunks of garbage chutes. We suggest the design of the Journal of Accounting for Disinfectants, the calculation of the need for disinfectants. Our specialists also provide services for focal final disinfection on all types of objects.


LLC NPIC "AgroCon" offers services for "preventive" deratization. Deratization is a complex of sanitary, technical, environmental and extermination measures aimed at the destruction, or a sharp decrease in the number of rodents at the served site. In the process of deratization, it is important to take into account many factors - the species and sex composition of the loaders, the availability of food resources and n food preferences, the behavioral characteristics of rats and mice. Very important is the correct assessment of the sanitary content and sanitary state of the facility, on which the deratization is conducted. A correct assessment of all these factors, the choice of the optimal tactics for deratization, is a task that our company specialists are successfully solving. Thanks to more than 20-yearexperience and high qualification of specialists, we are able to perform any, most complex and large-scale tasks on fight with rodents. We carry out both one-off orders and provide regular services for the destruction of rodents at all types of objects - food and utilities, commercial, industrial and public. You will be pleasantly surprised by favorable conditions of cooperation and low prices for our services.

Pest Control

We offer pest control - measures for the destruction of synanthropic insects that carry infectious diseases. Their number includes cockroaches, bedbugs, different kinds of flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ants and In from April to September, our company offers services for acaricide treatment - destruction of ixodid miteson the territory of country and garden areas, parks, nurseries Health camps and recreation zones. In addition, NPIC "Agrocon" LLC provides services for the destruction of insects of pests of stocks and materials. The most important priority in the provision of services for disinsection is not only the effective destruction of insects, but also the safety of disinfestations for the customer. To do this, we use effective safe insecticides from reliable manufacturers such as Bayer, Basf, Syngenta and All applied insecticides have a full package of permits. High qualification and experience of our specialists, excellent material and technical equipment allow us to render services on pest control on objects of any complexity and scale. The presence of very powerful fog generators allows the aerosol treatment of large industrial facilities, warehouses, grain and vegetable stores.

Control of the number of birds

Birds can cause significant economic damage to various objects & - spoil the facades of buildings and & monuments, peck and & pollute the litter with harvest and & stocks of products. Birds living in the urban environment become sources of dangerous infectious diseases, are hosts and carriers of fleas, mites and worms. A significant number of accidents are associated with birds. These problems dictate to us the urgent need to control the number of birds and reduce their harmful activity. The ornithological control department of LLC NPIC "Agrokon" offers services for the protection of birds of buildings and buildings, industrial, public and commercial premises. We & offer services for both catching & removal of birds, and & complex technical solutions to effectively reduce the number of birds in the & facility and minimize the risks associated with it. We also offer a wide range of products for ornithological protection, including a bird protection device "Hedgehog-standard" , patented and produced by our Company.